Thorpeville Supah

(Imp Aust) NZ81 Skewbald 8.2-1/2 h.h.
Brand 17 over 9 off shoulder, Foaled November 6, 1989
Breeder: M. McConville, Thorpeville Stud, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia.
Not standing to outside mares. Retired.

Sire Blighty Lucky 6962S - Skewbald 9.2 h.h.
Dam Thorpville Kismet 21665S - Chestnut, light mane & tail 9.00 h.h.

Supah is a beautiful little chestnut and white stallion with an abundance of presence.

He is the winner of numerous championships and supremes.


Sire of the Year 2007-08

Supah is a proven sire of top quality shetlands and miniatures of most colours.
He is a well bred Shetland with Grandsire Rodney of Marshwood, Imp UK

Pedigree of Thorpeville Supah

Blighty Lucky 6962S
Skewbald 9.2 h.h.
Willada Garry 5905S
Piebald 9.1 h.h.

Fernleigh Adeline 6531S
Chestnut Under 10.2 h.h.
Glenlee Perry 3191S
Black 9.0. h.h.
Willada Pochontas 12187S
Skewbald 9.0 h.h.
Cloon Killoran 1901S
Chestnut Under 10.2 h.h.
Fenwick Desire 3852S
Black 9.2 h.h.
Mulwaree Brother
Fernleigh Penny
Spring Park Sonny 2nd
Wyuna Jane
The Towers Barnaby
Fenwick Adeline
Harviestoun Pedro
Fenwick Destiny
Thorpeville Kismet 21665S
Chestnut, light mane & tail 9.0 h.h.
Rodney of Marshwood 4262S
Black 9.2 h.h.

Redacres Kathleen 13004S
Grey 9.1 h.h.
Rosetaupe of Transy 2017 SPSB
Black 9.1 h.h.
Crinkle of Marshwood 8458 SPSB
Dark Brown 9.2 h.h.
Darraway Darkie Boy 2562S
Black Under 10.2 h.h.
Redacres Karen 3137S
Skewbald 9.0 h.h.
Stelmor of Transy
Rosebud of Transy
Spook of Marshwood
Creole of Marshwood
Splinter of Marshwood
Redacres Kitty
Avening Fagus
Fenwick Katherine

Shetlands sired by Supah

Cotswold Casanova Cassidy

Cotswold Davina Dainty

Cotswold Elliot

Cotswold Pristine

Cotswold Royal Ensign

Reg. 378NZ Piebald 9.0 h.h
Dam North Close Eliza 94NZ Black 9.0 h.h.