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Thorpeville Carrington

(Imp Aust) 381NZSPBS Blue Roan 9.1 h.h.

Brand 28 over 8 off shoulder, Blood type 374367
DOB 7/11/1998 Breeder: M. Mc Conville

Sire Clothie Zobell 8365SPSB Blue Roan 9.3 h.h.
Dam Thorpeville Marianne 2856S Black 9.1 h.h

Photo: Copyright Jeni Bassett Horse & Pony

Carrington was a beautiful blue roan, the first purebred Shetland of his colour to come to New Zealand. He had impeccable bloodlines, a very friendly temperament, excellent conformation and was free moving. Carrington was a multi champion in his first season in the show ring, winning the tittle of NZ Shetland pony of the Year for 2002-2003. We were very proud to have Carrington's photo feature on the front cover of the January edition of NZ Horse & Pony magazine.