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Young Shetlands

Cotswold Geronimo

Skewbald colt. DOB 1/3/2020.
Sire Domino Downs Gaiano Reg. No. 750NZ
Dam Tutuki Noa Rosa Reg. No. 597NZ
We never expected a foal to arrive with these unusual markings, he is super cute with his Medicine Hat marking, also has a beautiful friendly temperament.

Now a two year old.

Cotswold Golden Chenille

D.O.B. 18/12/2019 Reg. No.1109NZ
Sire Cotswold Andross Reg. No. 860NZ
Dam Fenwick Mariah (Imp Aust) Reg. No. 226NZ
Another lovely filly from this great mare, a clone in colour of her.