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Shetland Bloodlines Recalled

Thorpeville Supah

(Imp Aust) NZ81 Skewbald 8.2-1/2 hh. Brand 17 over 9 off shoulder, DOB 6/11/1989
Breeder: M. McConville, Thorpeville Stud, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia.
Sire Blighty Lucky 6962S Skewbald 9.2 h.h.
Dam Thorpville Kismet 21665S Chestnut, light mane & tail 9.00 h.h

Rose Eyre Poppy

NZ469 Piebald Foaled November 28, 2000
Sire Pentland Little Master (Imp Aust)
Dam Cotswold Foxglove

North Close Eliza

(Imp Aust I.I.D.) Reg. NZ94 Black 9 h.h.
2 over 9 off shoulder,
DOB 30/1/1989
Breeder: A. R. & M. Lusby, North Close Shetlands, 16 Arnold St., Leamigton, Cambridge.
Sire Musketeer of Wetherden 4575S Black Under 10.2 h.h.
Dam Thorpeville Erika (Imp Aust) NZ63 Black 9.1 h.h.

Thorpeville Allister

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ72 Black 8.1-1/2 h.h.
Brand 13 over 6 off shoulder,
DOB 25/11/1985
Breeder: M. McConville, Thorpeville Stud, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia.
Sire Doolkoora Edward 5985S Palomino 10.1 hh.
Dam Thorpeville Gazelle 13000S Black 8.3 hh.

Allister was our Stud's little charmer and a delight to own.
He had a beautiful head, lovely eye, and free elevated movement which has been passed on to his progeny.
There is no doubt that Allister has proven himself to be an excellent Sire of Shetlands and Miniatures.
He is the Sire of top NZ Category A & B Miniature Horse Hi Point winners.

Shanusti Magnum

(Imp Aust) NZ75 Piebald 9.0 h.h.
DOB 29/10/1985
Breeder: P. R. Greaves and D J Place, Old Gippsland Rd., Seville, Victoria, Australia
Sire Fenwick Satona 2169S Black 9.3 hh.
Dam Fenwick Antoinette 12453S - Grey 9 hh.

Magnum was a most strikingly marked black and white colour bred stallion.
A solid, sound, true Shetland type, he has a lovely kind temperament and excellent conformation.
Magnum has passed on his qualities to his progeny and was the sire of champion Shetlands and Miniatures

Vale to Magnum

Kilmarnock Kiss-Me-Kate

DOB 23/1/1992 Reg. NZ156 Bay 9.3 h.h.
Brand 3 over 1 off shoulder
Sire Yarra-View Matthew 2948S
Dam Kilmarnock Karisma (Imp Aust)

Thorpeville Carrington

Go to his page for more: Thorpeville Carrington

Cotswold Leswick

Reg. NZ113 NZMHA 0404 DOB 19/11/990 Dark Chestnut 9.2 h.h
Sire Lerwick Auburn 6609S
Dam Fenwick Gemima - Imp Aust NZ70

Photo taken at Canterbury A & P Show 2003, Leswick became a successful steeplechase pony and was also broken to harness.

L Bar Bowerbird

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ69 Chestnut 9.2 hh.
brand L - 2 over 5 near shoulder, breeder: Mrs L. D. Lucht, L Bar Shetland Stud, M. S. 889 Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
Sire Shady Glen Jamie 6047S Grey 9.2 hh
Dam L Bar Bellbird 19876S Grey 10.0 h.h

Cotswold Mosaic

Piebald. Reg. 303NZ. DOB 15/12/ 1996
Mosaic returned to our stud after standing at the Bow-Bells stud for many years. Mosaic passed on his superb temperament to his beautiful progeny of traditional Shetland type. Mosaic carried some lovely old bloodlines with Grandsires Musketeer of Wetherden & Rodney of Mashwood, and Granddam, Thorpeville Diona (Imp Aust), that was bred from Yamboon Park Dimple that excelled in producing beautiful stock over many years for the Thorpeville Stud in Australia.

Sire Thorpeville Supah 81NZ
Dam Cotswold Muscatel (IID) 92NZ

Thorpeville Diona

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ65 Black 9.3 h.h.
Brand 6 over 2 off shoulder,
DOB 23/10/1982
Breeder: M. McConville, Thorpeville Stud, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia.
Sire Rodney of Marshwood 1632 SPSB Black 9.3 hh.
Dam Yamboon Park Dimple 10208S Black 10.1 hh.

Kilmarnock Karisma

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ82 Black 10.0 h.h.
Brand 1 over 2 off shoulder,
DOB 9/8/1982
Breeder: S. J. Williams, Kilmarnock Pony Stud, Robinvale, Victoria, Australia.
Sire Avonleigh Norman 3400S Black 9.1 hh.
Dam Kimba Kiley 12138S Black 9.3 hh.

Cotswold Muscatel

(Imp Aust I.I.D.) Reg. NZ92 Black 9.1 h.h.
DOB 5/11/1990 brand 2 over 0 off shoulder.

Sire Musketeer of Wetherden 4575S Black Under 10.2 h.h.
Dam Thorpeville Diona (Imp Aust) NZ65 Black 9.3 h.h.

Kennor Dolina

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ228 Foaled November 29, 1991
Red Buckskin with eel stripe and cross 9.2 h.h.
Brand 2 over 1 off shoulder,
DOB 29/11/1991
Breeder: K. & N. Lowe, North Motton, Tasmania, Australia

Sire Meadara Nicholas 3504S Dun 9.0 h.h
Dam Doolkoora Hibiscus 21021S Chestnut 10.1 h.h.

Cotswold Thornbird

Reg. NZ172 Chestnut 9.2 h.h.

Sire Cotswold Leswick
Dam Bowerbird

Thorpeville Farrah

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ66 Black 9.3 h.h.
Brand 10 over 6 off shoulder,
DOB 15/11/1986
Breeder: M. McConville, Thorpeville Stud, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia.
Sire Muskateer of Wetherden Black 4574S
Dam Madrigal of Netherley Black 13009S

Pentland Paisley

(Imp Aust) Reg. NZ210
Brand 49 over 4 off shoulder
foaled November 18, 1994 Chestnut/Grey 10.2 hh.
Breeder B. Myers
Sire Pentland Lennox 7275S
Dam Pentland Priscilla 19377S