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Cotswold Moira

Best Presented SI Donkey Sash & Champion Jenny Donkey SI D&MS Show 07 & 08, SI D&MS Show Champion Jenny 04,05,07,08.
Photo Supreme Champion Donkey SI D&MS Show 04 & 07.
Photo Lea Hullett 2007

NZ Reg JY98/1310/2 Section A English/Irish
Brand (LS) CW, (RS) 1 over 8
DOB 30/11/1998 Brown roan 37“

Sire Taranganba McGinty
Dam Berrabri Meg


Cotswold My Rafferty

Jack, DOB 13/11/09
sire: Arcadia Pinnochio
Rafferty is Moira's fourth foal and all have been born in the daylight, which was just as well this time around, as she decided to have him down a very steep bank, amongst the trees! Margaret Salkeld (Moira's Carer) said ‘I was so grateful that Art was here, as he caught Rafferty as he arrived into the world and was then able to lift him up the bank to the safety of flat land. Moira remained composed throughout proceedings! She's such a relaxed mum.
Rafferty is growing into a lovely little donkey, with his mum's gentle nature and his dad's great temperament.’

Cotswold My Cailin

DOB 22/11/2007. at Margaret Salkeld's
sire Berrabri Danny