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Cotswold Minnie Moppet

NZ Reg JY00/1454/3 Brand (LS) CW, (RS) 1 over 0
DOB 21/9/2000 Steel Grey
Moppet lives with Lea Hullett at Rolling Ridges. See her pages

Sire Taranganba McGinty
Dam Chrispin Grove Little Crissy

Full Sisters Cotswold Tincy Wincy and Cotswold Minny Moppet


Cotswold Cindy Ella
Jenny, DOB 7/11/2004. Web page

Cotswold Lavender Rose

Photo taken when experiencing her first snow at her home in South Canterbury. Cotswold Minnie Moppet has joined her daughter Cotswold Lavender Rose at Lea Hullett's

DOB 28/11/2007.
sire: Berrabri Danny